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Miles for Monarchs

Hosted by the Monarch Joint Venture

Event Dates: 

Spring Migration: June 3 to July 7, 2024 

Fall Migration: September 9 to October 13, 2024

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What is Miles for Monarchs?

Each spring, North American monarchs travel from their overwintering sites in Mexico and California to summer breeding locations. In the fall, monarchs East of the Rocky Mountains, monarchs travel up to an astonishing 3,000 miles to central Mexico, whereas the shorter migration west of the Rockies is to the California coast. Miles for Monarchs is a way for individuals, teams, and the entire collective of participants to journey the same 3,000 miles of the eastern monarch migration virtually. Miles for Monarchs 2024 is an online campaign designed to engage participants in personal wellness while supporting monarch conservation. Join individually or with a team, track your mileage, get out into nature, and learn from conservation experts from the Monarch Joint Venture.

This year's campaign will take place in the spring and fall to represent the seasonal migrations of monarchs. The "spring migration" was hosted from June 3 to July 7, 2024. The "fall migration" will be hosted from September 9 to October 13, 2024. 

Submit Your Miles

Once you have registered, enter your miles here each week on Mondays. Please make sure your miles reporting matches your registration information matches (name and email address). The MJV has created a miles tracking sheet you can print and fill out daily here


The Basics

The Monarch Joint Venture is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect monarchs and their migration by collaborating with partners to deliver habitat conservation, education, and science across the United States.

More information can be found on the MJV website.

Your registration and donation support MJV's work to conserve the monarch butterfly, its migration, and other pollinators. Donations support our habitat conservation, science, education, and partnership programming.

With questions on Miles for Monarchs, you can contact our Development Coordinator at

Registration + Making a Team

Participants of Miles for Monarchs gain access to weekly monarch educational material, the Miles for Monarchs Facebook group page where you can share personal and team progress, and access to discounted Miles for Monarchs merchandise. Participants are also given the opportunity to share with other participants from around the U.S. and Canada, participate in various engagement opportunities, and learn about monarchs and conservation.

Miles for Monarchs is better with folks! Enter your team name and members during registration if you'd like to create a team. We'll place you all together, and when progress is shared, you'll receive your collective mileage.

Yes! New additions throughout the year are welcome. If you have a new team member, simply have that participant register. When prompted during registration, they should include your team name so that we can add them to your team.

Engagement Opportunities

Walk, run, roll, bike, paddle, swim, anything self-propelled. All miles are good, whether on a treadmill, in your snow shoes, or on a local bike trail. Log your miles with us and receive weekly progress on how far you've gone. Miles for Monarchs is not a competition, but you may feel free to grab a group of friends to compete amongst yourselves. 

Miles for Monarchs is available wherever you are! Teams, additionally, do not need to be in the same location! This may be a fun opportunity for those separated by geography to participate in an event together.

Monarch Joint Venture strives to make Miles for Monarchs an inclusive and enjoyable experience. If you use a mobility device, you can still track the distance you travel, whether self-propelled or motorized. If you have questions or need further accommodations, please reach out to our Development Coordinator at 

Convert different activities, such as yoga or gardening, into miles! 

Step 1. Type your activity into an activity converter like MoveSpring. The converter will give you the number of "steps per minute" based on your activity.

Step 2. Multiply your "steps per minute" by the "number of minutes you did that activity" to give you your "total steps." 

Step 3. Divide your "total steps" by 2,100. This will give you the miles traveled. (On average, there are 2,100 steps in one mile).

For example: Casey spends 30 minutes gardening. Gardening is 80 steps per minute. The equation is then 80 steps x 30 min = 2,400 total steps, then 2,400 total steps/2,100 steps = 1.14 miles. 

"steps per minute" x "number of minutes you did the activity" = "totals steps"... "total steps" x 2,100 steps = "miles traveled"  

The main page on this site is available to participants and includes a simple online form to log/track your miles as you go. We suggest entering your miles at the end of each week. Please make sure your miles reporting matches your registration information (Name and email address).

If you need help tracking your weekly miles, feel free to print our weekly miles tracking sheet and post it on your fridge. 

Presently, progress will be reported once a week via email for each participant. While we want to add functionality to our site and let participants receive active progress for themselves and their teams, it’s not a capability we have. We suggest downloading a free step-tracking app to track your miles.

Yes! When you post, follow and tag the @MonarchJointVenture and use the hashtags #milesformonarchs and #monarchjointventure. 

We have also developed a Miles for Monarchs Participant Toolkit with example posts, Facebook cover images, and Instagram posts for participants to share. 

Yes! This year we added a new feature that allows individuals, families, or teams to invite others to support this cause. After registration, participants will receive an email invitation to create a peer-to-peer fundraising page for Miles for Monarchs. You can post your page on social media and invite friends and family to support your cause. For support, email our Development Coordinator at